Our Values and Culture

At First Command, values are central to our financial planning process and guide us in our conduct with clients and one another.

  • Courage. We will influence the financial services industry through our actions and leadership to avoid and overcome self-serving industry trends.
  • Authenticity. We speak and act in accordance with our beliefs. 
  • Service. As fiduciaries, we place our clients' interests above our own. As Advisors and employees, we serve each other to better serve our clients. 
  • Truthfulness. We speak and act with integrity in all relationships, telling the truth rather than what others might want to hear. 
  • Love. We value and honor all people and have an enduring commitment to our family of clients, Advisors and employees.
  • Effectiveness. Through a lifetime of coaching, we change behaviors and add value to all relationships we serve. 

 Our culture reflects our dream of creating abundant lives for our clients, our Advisors, our employees and our communities - whether that community is our home town of Fort Worth, the communities nationwide in which our Financial Advisors live and serve, or the military community worldwide that we've served for more than 50 years.

We are committed to attracting and retaining talented, qualified individuals by providing opportunities to enhance one's professional knowledge and competencies, to develop leadership skills, and to advance in one's career within the organization. At First Command, you can make a difference individually while sharing collectively in the dream of creating abundant lives.